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AIT and Licensure Paperwork

Figuring out how to get the AIT and Licensure paperwork can be daunting. ACHCA-Indiana would like to help you out by giving some basic guidelines to consider not legal advice.

The state agency that will handle all of your paperwork and ultimately issuing and overseeing your license is:

State Board of Health Facility Administrators
402 W Washington St, Room W072
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Gregory Pachmayr, Board Director
Amy Hall, Assistant Director
Jessi Rager, Litigation Specialist
Deborah Mattingly, Customer Service Representative
Emilie Feld, Customer Service Representative
Kaylyn Waltz, Customer Service Representative
Rejina Stigger, Customer Service Representative
Staff Phone Number: 317-234-2067
Staff Email:

Click here to open a PDF document that will answer many of your questions about what you need to do to get started with your AIT. Additionally, review the FAQs section to get many of your questions answered about the AIT, federal exam (NAB/RCAL), and state exam (HFA and RCA).

If you have a question, contact Vivian Wright-Defrees, VP ACHCA-IN Chapter, at and we will provide you with an answer if we can and include your question and answer in our next FAQ update.

HFA Board Meeting Dates

The meetings will commence at 10:00 a.m. local time and adjourn upon completion of all scheduled business unless otherwise posted. Please note that meeting times and dates are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, Board meetings will be held in the Indiana Government Center South, 402 West Washington Street, Room W064, Indianapolis, Indiana. Members wanting to observe the meeting should arrive no later than 9:50am for coordination.

2015 Meeting Dates
• January 27
• March 24
• May 26
• July 28
• September 22
• November 24

Click here for Indiana State Board of Health Facility Administrators information.